Shri Ramchandra – An ancient psychologist and a counselor

She is one of the most beautiful creations of the universe; she is

Ahalya painting by Raja Ravi Varma

Ahalya painting by Raja Ravi Varma

gifted to the most knowledgeable man on the earth by the creator. Creator has given the most beautiful, feminine and gorgeous creation of him to a saint or sage. Brahma’s creation Ahalya was unaware of her… her own beauty, potential and abilities. She was the most elegant female on the earth. Her life was devoted towards service to Saint Gautama. Gautama, the most knowledgeable, controlled and respected Sadhu (Monk) of his time was fully aware with Ahalya’s Beauty and Intelligence. To meet Gautama and seek his advice many people would come. Indra- the Lord of pleasure and demigods was also one of them. Ahalya would participate in debates and talks amoung Indra and Gautama. Ahalya and Indra would also debate on various aspects of life, life beyond life and the universal truth. Gautama and Indra both were amazed with the knowledge the beautiful lady held. Slowly she became popular and started to be called as Maitreye, as Mitra (Sun) started considering her as his daughter. Sun gave her almost whole of knowledge of the universe to this beautiful lady. Besides possessing high knowledge she was down to earth, unaware of the potential she has. Maiyteryi soon became famous for her debating skills; she would make people speechless because of her knowledgeable discourses, speeches, debates and beauty. Soon she became one whom everyone wanted to possess and own. She still considered Gautama as her master. She would do everything that’s needed by the Sage Gautama. She soon became a perfect housewife, a debater, speaker of various life aspects, and also a teacher. She is one who had everything that is needed in a perfect creation of the creator. The creator of her – Brahma would get amazed with the qualities Ahalya possessed at her young age. Indra, Chandra (Moon) and the creator himself would come to Gautma’s cottage and get gripped by the intelligence, simplicity, service attitude and beauty of Ahalya. Who wouldn’t want to posses such a gem of human being? Indra while sitting in his capitol Amaravati said to himself “If I am a leader and lord of gods and demigods, then why shouldn’t I possess Ahalya? She is most suitable for his pleasure than working at Gautama’s aashram (cottage)” Soon he called his friend Chandra and informed about how restless his nights are becoming because of one constant thought of being with Ahalya and possessing her. Chandra also agreed to friend Indra and said “Indra she is most suitable for you and your Amaravati, than in the cottage of sage who lives on the alms given by kings like you” Chandra visited Ahalya in absence of Gautama in his cottage as a messenger of Indra. He proclaimed the love agony Indra is going thru to possess Ahalya. Ahalya a sober simple but determined lady informed him that she wouldn’t like to indulge in acts which are not accepted by society. Chandra the lord of mind started adulterating her thoughts. He slowly added poison of how cruel the society and creator is to give her to an old sage and not to the lord of universe- Indra. Chandra kept on insisting about how she is ignored by the society even though she has acquired best knowledge, education, beauty and various skills. Chandra also insisted about she has all the qualities to be the supreme of the universe by accepting Indra. Soon Ahalya started thinking on the same lines, naïve Ahalya kept herself occupied in deep thought. She soon started ignoring her daily duties, would remain in deep thoughts put in her mind by Chandra. Gautama recognized this different behavior of Ahalya. He called Ahalya and said “Ahlaya I have been noticing that you are occupied in some thought lately. It’s good to think, but when its duty then do not ignore it over the selfish thoughts” He added “I have also observed that you do not teach students, do not follow the duties assigned to you and also do not give the alms to the needy people. It’s the first and foremost important duty of Human being than spending time in useless thought” Ahalya who is naive and soft in nature followed the instructions given by Sage Gautama and started doing her duty. One day Indra came at the door step of Ahalya and informed her that he wants to posses her and wants to spend time with her soul and body. Ahalya informed him to speak to Gautama as he would suggest him the path forwards. But Indra did not dare to face Gautama and ran away. The thought of seeing and being with Ahalya could not stop Indra. He made a plan of going to Ahalya’s door step as a yachak (one who comes to doorsteps and begs for needs), if he goes to her as Yachak, it would be her duty to serve him and she wouldn’t deny it. One fine dawn, Indra disguised himself as Yachak. He waited outside Gautama’s cottage so that once Sage Gautama goes outside he can ask Ahalya to serve him. As per plan Gautama went outside to take holy dip in the river, and Indra couldn’t stop himself to ask for sexual favors to Ahalya, which she wouldn’t reject. As per plan everything went on smooth for Indra, but soon Gautama returned and saw that Indra and Ahalya in an awkward situation. He cursed both Indra and Ahalya and informed how sinful the act was. Naive and soft heart Ahalya, soon realized the act as a sin. Soon suppressed all her emotions. She wouldn’t have any emotions any desires. Day by day she was sinking and literally became a stone like human, thinking that’s she has done the biggest sin on the earth. She forgot her charm, her knowledge, her beauty. Soon she gave up all desires of being as a human. Story of Ahalya became famous in the region. It also reached to Maharshi Vishwamitra. He understood the story of Ahalya as Most intelligent women of the earth has become nothing due to the psychological trauma. Everyone outcaste her from the society. Earth became a place where she was abandoned by everyone. She was cursed by society as a most sinful person on the earth. Such condition was painful and soon made her a dead emotional being. Vishwamitra recognized the skills Shri Ramchandra as a Counselor. He directed Ram to go and talk to Ahalya and counsel her. Rama was the obedient student of Rishi Vishwamitra, went ahead. He made Ahalya recognize her strengths and with his beautiful counseling skills he made her realize that none of the trauma can make her weak. He made herself to recognize the importance of such intelligent lady in the universe. Soon she weeps and falls on the feet of Rama. A stone like Human was in deep emotions now. She also understood thru Rama how important the emotional intelligence is. She soon realized her values and got into a position where she would be considered as the balanced personality reaching to the level of self realization. Rama is considered as Ahalya’s Uddharkarta (reformer or one who reclaims). His ability of embracing the down trodden people and making them realize their value in society makes him lord of everyone, and hence he is called as “Patit Pawan”. Whole society can outcast someone for their sins and wrongdoing but a rare person can recognize the abilities and values of everyone and encourages them to get the dignified life. Ramayana is full of such stories where people and society punished many people especially the people who are not considered into the main stream, where as Ram embraces all of them and make them realize their true value. He made Shabari to realize her value for her endless devotion. He made the monkey and animal like people to recognize their value in the society and got them into main stream. He thru his abilities made demonic people to realize their true self and become meaningful for the society. No doubt he is Patitpavan since he uncovered the true value of human being. In modern society where people are discriminate based on caste, creed, race, sexual orientation and nationality- lessons of Ramayana and Rama’s approach surely will make all of us to live in a open and accepting society.


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