Communication Skills and Hanuman

lord_hanuman_flying-normalIn modern days communication skills are important in every field especially in management. Many of us face a lot of issues in honing our communication skills.

In Indian education system in general and in Arts, Music, Yoga or Dance to be specific, people even today recite praises of Hanuman before starting their work. They remember Hanuman with below mentioned praise…

बुद्धिर्बलं यशोधैर्यं निर्भयत्वमरोगता | अजाढ्यं वाक्पटु:त्वंच हनुमत् स्मरणात्भवेत् ||

Hanuman is praised with qualities like wisdom, strength, fame, courage, fearlessness, health, briskness, and Excellence in Communication.

Is Hanuman praised for his excellence in communication? can we read something about his traits, attributes and characteristics of communication? This blog specifically concentrates on Hanuman and management lessons with reference to his communication skills.

It’s a story from Ramayana when Hanuman met Shri Ram very first time in person. Rama along with Laxmana walked upto Kishkindha area where he wanted to meet Sugriva – the master of monkey’s army to seek his help for searching his kidnapped wife Seeta.

At that moment, Hanuman, Sugriva’s ambassador was sent to meet both Rama and Laxmana and to verify that they are not from Sugriva’s enemy side. Hanuman came down from the top hill to meet both of them and informed them that he wanted to verify their identity.

I am not going to narrate the whole story here; the important aspect of this blog is the characteristics as identified by Rama about Hanuman as excellent communicator.

After listening to Hanuman carefully, Rama pick points few traits of Hanuman’s communication and narrates these characteristics one by one to Laxmana.

  • Well read:
    नानृग्वेदविनीतस्य नायजुर्वेदधारिणः । नासामवेदविदुषः शक्यमेवं प्रभाषितुम्

Here Rama pin point importance of being well read. He informs Laxmana “Unless one is well read and studied the subject in-depth one cannot communicate so beautifully”

  • Command over language:
    नूनं व्याकरणं कृत्स्नमनेन बहुधा श्रुतम् । बहु व्याहरता ऽनेन न किञ्चिदपशब्दितम् ॥

Rama narrates one more important aspect of communication he says “I am sure he has learnt the language so well. Observe that when he spoke he hasn’t spoken anything not in line with the language he is using” and underlines importance of command over language

  • Body language and expressions:
    न मुखे नेत्रयोर्वापि ललाटे च भ्रुवोस्तथा । अन्येष्वपि च गात्रेषु दोषः संविदितः क्वचित् ॥

Rama narrates the importance of body language used by Hanuman for his effective speech. He tell Laxmana “His expressions, eyes, face, eyebrows and all the limbs were in line with the subject he wanted to communicate”

  • Preciseness and voice modulation:
    अविस्तरमसंदिग्धमविलंबितमद्रुतम् । उरःस्थं कण्ठगं वाक्यं वर्तते मध्यमस्वरम् ॥

Rama further says underlining the importance of being precise, simple and non complex. He says “His expression is not too elaborate, not confusing, not dragging and not very fast. It has risen from his chest and delivered in a medium tone through his throat’”

  • Relating to others:
    संस्कारक्रमसंपन्नामद्रुतामविलंबिताम् । उञ्चारययति कल्यार्णीं वाचं हृदयहारिणीम् ॥

Rama underlines the importance of relating others as one of the important aspect of communication of Hanuman. He says “The language he spoke is richly endowed with grammatical purity. It is wonderful and auspicious. It is neither too fast nor too slow. It is captivating the heart and relates to other’s mind’

In the same context Rama further says qualities of Hanuman as

“अनया चित्रया वाचा त्रिस्थानव्यञ्चनस्थया । कस्य नाराध्यते चित्तमुद्यतासेररेरपि ॥

‘The voice, the delivery from the three spaces namely the bottom of the chest, throat and head are wonderful and clear. Whose mind will not be pleased by such a word even if he is an enemy raising a sword?’

  • Listening
    During the conversation when Rama and Laxmana spoke to Hanuman about their purpose of meeting Sugriva, Laxmana also pin points excellent characteristic of Hanuman.

प्रसन्नमुखवर्णश्च व्यक्तं हृष्टश्च भाषते । नानृतं वक्ष्यते वीरो हनुमान् मारुतात्मजः

The pleasant facial expressions reciprocates his concern for us and with this, one can easily say that he is a keen listener

promoted-media-optimized_5558b8f7c121aRama further informs importance of having such great people as employee or brand ambassadors with such excellent communication skills as…

एवंविधो यस्य दूतो न भवेत्पार्थिवस्य तु । सिध्यंति हि कथं तस्य कार्याणां गतयोऽनघ ॥ एवं गुणगणैर्युक्ता यस्य स्युः कार्यसाधकाः । तस्य सिद्ध्यंति सर्वार्था दूतवाक्यप्रचोदिताः ॥

Those people who won’t have such excellent communicators; I wonder what they must be doing? All the objectives of a leader prompted by ambassadors/ employee will be accomplished if he has such person(s) around, who are endowed with such qualities.

Hanuman was no doubt the most cherished, admired, loved and adored ambassador in whole mankind. And thus he is one who accomplishes his tasks swiftly and adored for his communication skill even today by modern world.

With so many managerial and leadership qualities, Hanuman is a great leader to study for his “servant or service leadership” or “Situational Leadership” qualities. We will speak more about his leadership qualities in future blogs. Till then wishing for honing our communication skills as learnt from great Hanuman.

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